Going Home

In November 2011, we were sitting in a little cabin in Venezuela, not sure where we were headed or what we wanted out of life. At the time, we were on track to spend ninety days in South America, then onto a year of working and traveling in New Zealand. With the suddenness of a broken shoe lace it dawned on us that we needed to go back and live in BC, get to know my family again, and ground ourselves for a new stage in life.

This little film is a compilation of the footage from the trip home. There wasn’t a particular intention for taking the footage other than to make “something”.That said, it was mostly taken hand held and so I’m sorry if you start feeling sick.

Without question, this is dedicated to my mom Christina Welscher who made it all possible by driving the 1,500km to meet us in San Francisco; where she then let us stuff her car to the brim with everything from the blacksmith tools and saddles to the photo albums and spare clothes we had stored with our friends there.

“Fake Empire” by the National
“Empty Houses” by Delta Spirit

3 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Wow! You are so incredibly talented. Didn’t feel sick at all – just inspired by the beauty that you captured in so many ways. Life is an amazing journey! Now I’m going to get up and start my day feeling so much better than before. Glad I checked my email before getting out of bed! Thanks for sharing….madawaska

    1. I don’t know why it took me so long to see this… but thanks! Really hope we can see you again sometime soon :)

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